Horse Vaulting Circus is the only training facility in Florida where you can learn Barrel Vaulting, Horse Vaulting and Aerial Circus/Cirque Du Soliel Training combined.

When we say Circus, yes we mean Circus. Circus and Cirque Du Soliel have professional performers in aerial silks, lyra, rings, handbalance, acrobatics, chinese pole and horse acrobatics to name a few. Here at Horse Vaulting Circus we train you to develop your passion into becoming a competitor or performer or to just simply have fun getting in shape and developing a discipline.

​Classes are structured into age groups as well as the various discplines. Offering real training and conditioning you can train to become a professional athlete or just look like one! What ever your heart desires here at Horse Vaulting Circus we encourage everyone to follow their dreams whatever they may be!


Vaulting & Aerials? Now that is Circus Fun!