About Evette

Evette has been an athlete for over 25 years. She started as a gymnast at the age of 6. Growing in gymnastics becoming a state competitor in the city of Chicago and later went on to teaching gymnastics as well.

She went to a performing arts high school where she studied from a first generation student of Martha Grahm in Modern Dance. There she also trained in Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical. She studied technical dance and music in both vocal and instrumental and went to state competitions with music as well. Later going on to college she studied with Broadway Dancer Gary Flannigan. Performing in Illionois she took her dancing a step further with broadway performances gaining more experience to acting, singing and dancing! Performing numerous Broadway numbers she was most proud of her auditioning and nailing the duet of “Pain of Mombo”. In South Florida she vocally trained with Grammy Award Winner Josh Noland expanding her vocal range to 4 octaves.

Thru the years from teen thru adult she studied martial arts and is born into a family of martial artistist. Her father is a master of 5 martial arts so it was only a matter of time before she too would want to learn the discipline of martial arts studying Kickboxing with trainer Kevin McClinton, Gung Fu with her father and privately for 2 years in Hung Gar, Kung FU with a Sifu here in south florida.

Fitness is a part of who Evette is. She has competed in fitness competitions and has traines clients as a personal trainer and sport certified nutritionist. She can train you to compete in fitness competitions or simply to get fit. She can also train athletes to gain strength for specific sports.

Here in South Florida, Pole Fitness has become a popular fitness sport making its way into Cirus and Cirque Du Soliel for many years and Evette has trained and owns her own Pole Fitness Studio as well. Aerials, Pole Fitness, Horse Acrobatics, its all apart of the Ringling Brothers Circus and many local circus acts. Cirque Du Soliel is another professional organization incorporating the aerials and pole into a huge show production to include acrobatics all in a theatrical performance setting. Evette developed a passion for horses and was surprised to see that no one in Florida offers a horse vaulting training facilty. Immediately she felt her background with all her fitness expertise can train to learn horse vaulting on a real horse! Being a former gymnast it was very easy to do as well as all her circus aerial arts training. She is a part of a huge horse production as a part owner and is excited to roll out the show production later 2015. However, being an athlete all of her life, she couldnt pass up the opportunity to be the only one in Florida to offer a competitive sport training with horses! After all, it all fits into the whole circus training she already has been doing successfully for several years. She is eager to have students learn horse vaulting and barrel vaulting and having them do competitions. Having kids come in and want to learn to become an olympic competitor one day or a professional aerialist is what she is hoping she can develop them into and see them represent our Country!

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Vaulting & Aerials? Now that is Circus Fun!